European Association for Vision and Eye Research

Rules for sponsored SIS and CIS

Special Interest Symposium - SIS

Each SIS is encouraged to obtain sponsorship from a commercial company. If the SIS is sponsored, the sponsorship should cover the following:

  • 6.000 EUR as a contribution to the general expenses of running the EVER meeting (this will include the meeting room required for the SIS)
  • plus appropriate amount of funding to cover accommodation and travel for the SIS contributors

The sponsoring company is kindly requested to pay the 6.000 EUR directly to EVER.  In return, the name and logo of the sponsor will be printed in the programme in relation to the particular SIS.

All SIS contributors must submit an abstract summary of their presentation on-line.  Submission will be open from February 8 till March 15, 2016.  In order to submit a summary, all SIS speakers need to be EVER member 2016.

Submitting a summary does not constitute registration for the conference.   SIS speakers must register to attend the EVER 2016 Congress.  Registration will be open as of April 1, 2016. However, all non-ophthalmologists speaking in SIS will be granted free registration and all those who are first time at EVER will also have waived registration fees.

If a SIS contributor has a commercial interest in either a product or equipment being promoted at a SIS then it should be declared on the summary submission form and in the presentation itself.

Commercial Interest Symposium - CIS

A limited number of Commercial Interest Symposia (CIS) can be held during the lunchtime breaks or early morning breakfast. Subject to agreement by the Programme Secretary. See also the 2016 EVER sponsor opportunities.

Sponsors of a CIS must pay:

  • A contribution to the general expenses of running the EVER meeting (including the meeting room of the CIS)
  • Breakfast CIS : 6.000 EUR
  • Lunchtime CIS : 9.000 EUR

For further information please contact the .