European Association for Vision and Eye Research

EVER poster prizes 2015

Best poster in each scientific section : 500 EUR

T010      Rupila VOHRA   Lactate transport and receptor actions: Potential roles in inner retinal function and disease

 T064   Michael HANSEN   Visual acuity increases up to 7 years after Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty
T055   Carolina LUNA   Corneal nerve activity during ocular inflammatory processes

F051   Stefania GIULVEZAN   Assessment of interlinked double staircase acuity test

F007   Hannaa BOBAT   How accurate are optometrist referrals for glaucoma in the NICE era?
F027   Julia TEISTER   Effects of recurring intraocular pressure elevations on the retina and the autoimmune component

T096   Naoual TARFAOUI    Efficacy and safety of TOXO KO vaccine to prevent ocular toxoplasmosis in congenital murine model

F067   Justin Christopher D'ANTIN    Evaluation of a portable manual stretching device to simulate accommodation

T020   Elise DE BLESER    Genotypes & Phenotypes in Belgian Patients with Albinism

F096   Dorte Ancher LARSEN    Quantitative assessment of fixational saccades in school children.  A new method.

F080   Iwona ROSPOND-KUBIAK    The Liverpool Uveal Melanoma Prognosticator Online (LUMPO) for prognosing metastasis free survival
in the absence of cytogenetic data after ruthenium brachytherapy for uveal melanoma

F047   Line PETERSEN    The diameter regulation of retinal arterioles during systemic hypoxia is impaired in diabetic patients without retinopathy

S055   Christopher LAYTON    The effect of glucose and insulin on the susceptibility of cultured photoreceptorlike cells to hypoxia
S021    Jonathan ROWLINSON   Novel SRPK1 inhibitors specifically target alternative splicing in human primary retinal epithelial cells